laurenWelcome to Lauren’s Website!

Thank you for visiting Lauren’s new and improved website. LaurensVison.com was originally built back in April 2005 as a birthday gift for Lauren by her Aunt Annalise.

Lauren bead girlIt was intended as a means to share information about Lauren’s Vision for her life which was to spread love, energy and power by making and giving out bracelets.  She started making them at 6 years old out of pop-it beads and we called her “Rainbow bead girl”.  She later used beads made out of stars, butterflies and hearts which became her signature bracelet.


The original website also included a Guestbook to allow family and friends to send her messages that could be read to her and encourage her as she underwent many challenges. That guestbook grew to over 3,000 messages from people all over the world and included people saying hello to messages of hope, encouragement and inspiration. As we have always stated, though Lauren may have lost her vision over the years, she never lost sight of her hopes and dreams.

In November 2009, a blog was started as way to keep family and friends informed about Lauren’s hospitalization which originally was thought to be a 4-6 week stay and turned into 6 months. She came home in May of 2011 with not even the strength to turn herself in bed. With continued love and support she had an amazing recovery and after a year at home with therapy and home schooling she was able to return to Miller Place for 8th grade and graduated from Middle School with her classmates. This was a very difficult year academically for Lauren so we decided she would be happier attending a half-day Boces program at Samoset where she attended until her junior year.


Her website continued to be a place to share news about Lauren and her family, poems that were written, fundraising that was held and most importantly how anyone could get 1 of Lauren’s bracelets and make a donation. Sadly, in April 2015 we also used it as a means to inform the world of Lauren’s peaceful passing and to share beautiful moments, memories and ceremonies held in Lauren’s honor. Life has not been the same without our beautiful Lauren and we will now use this website to continue to spread Lauren’s vision…

The New Website

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were informed that we had to build a new website and found that her guestbook entries had been lost and could not be recovered. A friend said that Lauren has taken those messages with her to heaven. The rest of the data is in tact and shared in the pages of this site. We have also added additional pages which will hopefully be read by people around the world to further share Lauren’s vision of Love, Energy and Power. It now includes her famous “LC Tips of the Day” and a blog by her mother, Lisa, sharing her thoughts on Living, Loving and Loss. The new website was built again by Lauren’s Aunt Annalise with assistance on design from her mom. They are happy to be able to announce and launch this new website on April 8th, 2016 as a tribute to Lauren on the anniversary of her 1 year passing.

To Navigate the website:
HOME – About Lauren’s old and new webiste
ABOUT LAUREN – Brief recap of Lauren’s life
CEREMONY – Recap of Lauren’s funeral mass including readings, hymns and songs
LOVE – Contains before and after pictures of Lauren donating her hair
ENERGY – General Message from Lauren’s family on what they have learned from this journey
POWER – Message from from Lauren’s brother, Chris

BLOGS  (Several blogs have been created so you can add comments to posts)
Lauren’s Journey – Orignial blog that was started during Lauren’s hospitalization through her passing
Poems and Stories – Poems written for Lauren and stories that Lauren wrote herself
Tips of the Day – Includes youtube videos that Lauren recorded throughout her final year that she called “LC Tips of the Day” (It also includes other short family video’s)

Dedicated to Lauren with all our Love,
Mommy and Aunt Annalise xoxo

Below is a look at her old website: